Important Considerations When Buying a Water Tank Pump

Water tank pumps (household pumps) are required to transfer water from the tank to faucets, toilets and showers around the house. The team at Aqua Pumps is here to help you select the right pump for your household’s needs, but it’s still important to have a good idea of your requirements. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a water tank pump.

Water Pressure

What will you be using the rainwater for? If you’re using it in the kitchen and shower, a water pressure rate of 20 – 25 LPM (Litres Per Minute) is usually required – this is the flow rate of a mains water tap – though if you’re using the water for the toilet or washing machine, you can opt for a lower water pressure, perhaps 10 LPM. Look for the maximum LPM specified on the pump.  

Distance from Tank

The distance from the tank to where the water will be used is another important factor. The further the distance, the more powerful the water pressure required. This important consideration also applies when moving water to the higher floors, so if you live in a double-storey home you’ll need a more powerful pump to move the water against the forces of gravity.

Energy Usage

A rainwater tank can reduce your water bills, but purchase a pump that’s more powerful than you need and you’ll offset your savings by consuming more power. We can help you understand your power requirements and offer advice on how to reduce the frequency in which your pump activates.

Run-Dry Protection

In areas that are often affected by drought, the run-dry protection feature is essential, however, all households will benefit from this feature as it prevents damage to the pump if the tank is emptied.


Depending on the pump type, how active it is and other factors, including its location, a pump can make a lot of noise. Submersible tanks which sit inside the tank are the quietest, though you can fit a cover (while allowing for airflow) to muffle the noise and provide protection from the elements.

These are the most important factors to consider when buying a pump for your water tank at home. If you have any questions about residential pumps, please don’t hesitate to contact Aqua Pumps.

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